What To Look Out For When Buying Old Brand Purses?

When you think about fashion, ‘modern’, ‘recent’, ‘contemporary’ and‘latest’ are some words that are commonly interpreted with it. While it is always good to be up to date about the latest fashion trends out there, there’s just more than that.

What we are talking about is anything vintage. While it is not the most common hobby, there are many people who are interested in anything old of value, and are constantly searching for such old treasures in as many places as they can find. Among all vintage merchandise out there, buying a vintage bag sure seems to be getting popular. This is why it is getting more and more difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. In addition to that fakes and replicas are spreading like crazy, which only complicates matters. Be sure to follow these tips to ensure that you have the least amount of trouble in finding a vintage purse:


  • Finding a seller – When it comes to buying antiques and used merchandise overall, the most important thing you should do is to find a few reputed sellers and shops. It doesn’t have to be that many: even finding out about a few good shops should be enough. Buying from a trusted source is a good way to avoid fakes and replicas.
  • Analysing – With the amount of fakes being produced daily, it is always a good idea to see for yourself whether you are purchasing an authentic vintage handbags or just a cheap knock-off. Even if you know your seller is trustworthy, relying on your instinct is an even better idea. Check the details, feel the materials and compare with pictures of the original bags. You will definitely notice that something is way off if you ever run into fakes, especially when it comes to the little details.
  • Authentication – Virtually all branded purse makers have some sort of way with which to verify the authenticity of their products. This is normally done by the way of including a serial number. Although this authentication method varies slightly from brand to brand, usually a purse has a serial number printed on a tag inside the purse itself and an authenticity card containing a matching serial number. The absence of either of them or the mismatching of the serial numbers is a good way to identify the better replicas out there.
  • Looking for Damage – Different owners care for their bags in different ways. This means that you may find bags that are more worn than others. Even though damaged bags still hold a great deal of value, you should try to get a bag with the least amount of wear. Otherwise you might have to spend an additional amount of money just to get it repaired or to prevent event more damage.