Tips To Keeping The House Clean And Sparkly

Have you ever seen a house that looks ever so clean with sparkling surfaces that reflect back the light and even act as mirrors? You probably have, even if not in real life, definitely in movies or documentaries. How did you feel at that moment? Did you feel troubled or upset because your house or apartment does not look the same? Have you been angry, after all the person who owns that house probably has a hundred or servants or so who wipe and dust every surface in the house at each ten minute mark?

Well maybe you did, maybe you did not however regardless of that, you kind of wish your house at least looked somewhat cleaner and sparkly. However you feel kind of sad because you probably have tried many things but none of them really worked. Well let me tell you a few tips. If you do not want to try them out you can call a carpet cleaning service to bring life to your beloved carpets or get the sofa cleaning company to spruce up your sofas and on. However if you are willing to learn something new, then hop on aboard.

Removing stains from your carpet using household items

One of the biggest problems anyone faces on the cleaning day is that carpets, no matter how much you wash them are always going to hold stains. It is difficult to remove stains from fibers especially if they have been there for all of eternity and this is not going to be solved by DIY products. You will have to get it cleaned by a professional. However if the stain is recent, you can get it removed using the things that lie around the house. Something that you would never have thought about using is Shaving cream. It works like a charm. Shaving cream can be used on any stains on your beloved carpet and the fact that most hoses have them makes it easy when you are doing Move in cleaning. Another household item that works well with stains is Salt. Believe it or not Salt is good at removing both dirt and fresh stains and it is dirt cheap so you do not have to grumble.

Use a cold wet cloth when you dust

Dust is awful. However not because they make you sneeze. No. it is because of dust mites. You can’t see these little creatures but they are everywhere and can cause asthma in people who never had that before. They also thrive in areas that are humid and at temperatures around 21 degrees celcius. So sue a cold wet cloth when you wipe dusty surfaces. The cold temperature can kill the mites and the wetness of the cloth will help remove as much dust as possible. So your house will not be dusty and will have a shot at sparkling.